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A world of seats

If you are a constructor or a dealer or a service shop, we offer you with a very large range of seats from the most important brands for off-road applications: forklifts trucks, agricultural vehicles, industrial and construction vehicles.
With more than 30-year experience we can help you in finding out the seat, the accessory or the service part you are looking for.

We can also help you with seat servicing and modification.




GRAMMER (Germany), the most important European producer of seats. The widest seat range, adopted by the main constructors. Quality and design at the top.

EUROCAR Togliani is VIP Partner Italian distributor and service point of the Grammer seats.


SEARS seats

SEARS Seating (USA & UK), the world greatest seat producer for off-road vehicles.  Seats well-known for comfort, durability and technical innovations.

EUROCAR Togliani is the Italian distributor and service point of the SEARS seats.


BE-GE seats

BE-GE (Sweden). Scandinavian design, perfect finishes, ergonomy from the most important Swedish producer.

EUROCAR Togliani is the Italian distributor and service point of the BE-GE seats.


MT COBO seats

M.T. COBO (Italy). From the most important Italian producer, seats appreciated for soundness and quality.

EUROCAR Togliani is a dealer M.T. COBO for Italy.



SECURON (UK), the most important seat belt producer in UK. A very wide range to meet all the demands.

EUROCAR Togliani is the Italian distributor of the SECURON safety seat belts.


ET seats

ET (Italy). Since more than 30 years, we have been selecting seats and accessories from the whole world, made by leading producers, to meet the needs of the market with quality and price.



Our catalogue pages with seats, seat cushions, service parts and accessories. Anyway our range is wider: please don't hesitate to call us for special requests.

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